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Who We Are

Bodhi Theatre, formerly known as Louise Hyacinth Productions, was founded in Boston, MA by Athena Louise Hyacinth in 2016.  We have since found a new home in Kansas City, MO. 


Bodhi was built on four principles:

1. Theatre is a platform that can transform peoples' lives

2. The stories that need to be heard and injustices many face are innumerable

3. By telling someone's story, we can raise awareness and encourage others to be proactive about change

4. It is important to provide opportunities for growing artists, so to form the next leaders in the world of Theatre for Social Justice (TFSJ)

Our Mission


We commit to sharing the experiences of marginalized groups of people


We empower theatre artists, and help them cultivate

their craft


We collaborate with artists to actualize their vision for their  new work of TFSJ


We elicit motivation in others to create positive change in the world

Our Vision

Bodhi Theatre seeks to cultivate an inclusive environment that promotes the advancement of theatre artists, as well as an appreciation for the plight of others.

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