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Bodhi Original Works

New Work Development

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Book: Zareh Artinian

Music/Lyrics: Melissa Carubia


Cynthia, a freshman music major, struggles with depression and self-injury. Haunted by the voices in her head that remind her of all of the things that are wrong with her, every day is a battle. Thankfully, her girlfriend Pamela convinces timid Cynthia to join the college choir to show off her voice. Cynthia becomes wildly popular. After a series of events, Cynthia struggles deeply with her self-injurious behavior and finds herself in the Wellvue Inpatient Mental Health Facility.

Social Relevance

Approximately one fourth of Americans experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime, and the onset typically occurs in adolescence or young adulthood.  We strive to educate everyone, but especially young people, so they can understand that a mental illness diagnosis doesn't end their potential.  With proper treatment, they can continue to strive for their goals and lead successful lives.

Where is it Now?

Beneath the Skin workshopped in Boston, MA in December 2016, then had it's world premiere in the same city in April of 2019. The musical is currently undergoing final re-writes, and will be introduced to the Kansas City Area in 2022.



Book: Kaitlin Gould


Mirrors is a  play about a young woman named Alice who is battling an eating disorder.  It follows her and the members of her group therapy as they all journey on road of wellness.  Mirrors addresses how eating disorders affect one's life and relationships, while dismantling stigma and misconceptions about disordered eating.  Through humor and absurdist style, we can laugh, cry, and feel for Alice and her comrades, as they find their own paths toward healing.

Social Relevance

Though awareness continues to grow, eating disorders remain one of the most fatal, underreported, and least talked about mental illnesses. Mirrors intends let the voices of those experiencing eating disorders be heard, educate audience members about the reality of eating disorders, and to smash the stigma associated with them.

Where is it Now?

Mirrors had its first staged reading in Kansas City, MO in September of 2018. Since the reading, Mirrors has been brought to Grandview High School to be used as a teaching tool in the theatre classroom. Students learn about social justice theatre, engage in complex character study, and have had the opportunity to attend writing workshops led by the playwright herself!  Mirrors had its world premiere with Kansas City Public Theatre in 2019, and was nominated for "Best Play" in The Kansas City Pitch's Best of KC for 2019.

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