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Current New Work Development

Book: Allison Cloud

Music/Lyrics: Kevin Cloud



Roar, a family musical, tells the story of Sarah the Bear, who like many bears before her has been forced by humans to perform as a dancing bear. But Sarah has an impossible dream. She longs to break free from the system of oppression and establish herself as an equal to the humans as the world's first dancing and singing bear. The problem is that everywhere Sarah turns, her voice is silenced.

As a last resort, Sarah runs off to the circus to pursue her dream, discovering too late that the circus is run by a family of evil clowns. The clowns imprison Sarah and force her to continue performing for their show as a dancing bear. 
Sarah continues to pursue her impossible dream, and eventually her dream grows bigger as she inspires other captive bears to raise their voices until they are heard. United, the power of their collective voice triumphs over the oppression they have endured.

Social Relevance

Despite progess, there still exist many oppressive systems  - not only worldwide, but also right in our back yards.  These systems present themself in many forms, therefore it is important to make them known so real sustainable change can be achieved.  Most often progress is catalyzed by those who are being disenfranchiezed. It is our hope that we can reinforce the power of allyship and advocacy among those not afftected, that is informed by the marginalized group.

ROAR A New Musical Outdoor Staged Reading

Time/Date: Friday May 14 & Saturday May 15 at 7pm

Venue: The Black Box located in the historic West Bottoms district of Kansas City, MO. 

1060 Union Ave, KCMO

2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival

Dates: July 18 - August 1

Venue: Will be available to view online.

Get tickets online here.

Developed in Associaton with The Culture House

Director: Heidi Van

Music Director: Jeremy Watson

Stage Manager: Shayla Leggs

Stage Manager: Matthew Koehler

Producer: Athena Louise Hyacinth

Production Assistant: Erica Coleman

Sound Design: Mark Johnson

Lighting Design: Micah Thompson (Fringe)

Videographer/Editor: Matthew Koehler (Fringe)

Set Design: Heidi Van (Fringe)

Costume Design: Athena Louise Hyacinth (Fringe)

Grip: Nancy Tran (Fringe)

Grip: Allison Uhlenhop (Fringe)

Sarah - Darcie Hingula
Joey - Cameron Mabie

Evil Clown Joe  - Spencer Thompson
Mama/Bonnie - Jasmine Lowe
Papa/Harold - Robert Hingula
Clarence - Tim Ahlenius
Daisy - Cody Boehm 
Reggie - Timothy Houston
Frankie - Brock Hatton
Lulu - Kirsten Nicole Myers
Female Understudy - Melissa Trierweiler
Male Understudy - Fisher Stewart



Instagram: @RoarMusical

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Related Resources

If you or someone you know believe your civil rights are being violated, here are a list of resources for your use:

Federal: US Commision on Civil RIghts

Kansas City:  Kansas City Human RIghts Commission

Missouri: MO Dept of Labor 

MO Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education

Kansas: KS Deptartment of Justice & Civil RIghts

This Show Would Not Be Possible Without

The BlackBox Staff

Cloud Nine Aerial Arts
Daisy Bucket
Lee Walter Redding
Darcie Hingula

Barb and Steve Cloud

John and Traci Solomon

Kansas Department of Commerce CAIC

National Endowment for the Arts

Lewis Oates

ArtsKC Regional Arts Council

Dr. Benjamin Nero

Noella Folkes-Nero

Cory and Julianne Lagerstrom

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