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About the Show

Roar began as a ten-song rock opera in 2011. Kevin and Allison Cloud held one band practice at their home, but at the end of rehearsal, the band was told they’d need to wear bear suits for bar shows. Everyone backed out. The project lay shelved until 2018 when the songs reemerged and Roar's story began to take shape. After two living room workshops in 2018 and 2019, Kevin and Allison performed the first official workshop at The Culture House in Olathe, KS in February 2020 just prior to Covid. Throughout the pandemic months, they worked on revisions, then in October of 2020, held a table read at The Culture House, followed by a Zoom reading with the Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts in March 2021. Since then, Roar has been awarded the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission award and an ArtsKC Inspiration grant. Following the staged reading at the Blackbox, Roar will appear in the KC Fringe Fest in July.

A Note from the Director

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Heidi Van, Director 2021

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