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NON-AEA Auditions

By Kevin & Allison Cloud

Directed by Heidi Van

Music Directed by Jeremy Watson

About the show

Roar, a family musical, tells the story of Sarah the Bear, who like many bears before her has been forced by humans to perform as a dancing bear. But Sarah has an impossible dream. She longs to break free from the system of oppression and establish herself as an equal to the humans as the world's first dancing and singing bear. The problem is that everywhere Sarah turns, her voice is silenced.

As a last resort, Sarah runs off to the circus to pursue her dream, discovering too late that the circus is run by a family of evil clowns. The clowns imprison Sarah and force her to continue performing for their show as a dancing bear.

Sarah continues to pursue her impossible dream, and eventually her dream grows bigger as she inspires other captive bears to raise their voices until they are heard. United, the power of their collective voice triumphs over the oppression they have endured.

Character Descriptions



SARAH: female, late teens, alto/mezzo.

A feisty idealist; earnest. Think Elphaba meets Kacey Musgraves.


MAMA: female, 30-40, soprano.

Sarah's mom, gentle but firm, truth-teller. Think Tabitha Brown. Doubles with Bonnie.


PAPA: male, 30-40, baritone.

Corny, anxious. Think Ted Lasso mixed with Marlin in Finding Nemo.


BONNIE: female 30-50, soprano.

Kind, grandmotherly & wise. Think Octavia Spencer in The Shack as God. Doubles with Mama.


CLARENCE: male, 30-40, tenor.

Curmudgeon. Think grumpy old men. Crusty exterior, but kind inside. Doubles with Reggie. 


REGGIE: male, 20s, tenor.

Energetic, goofball, show off, swagger... think Marty in Madagascar. Doubles with Clarence.


DAISY: female, late teens, mezzo.

Celebutante. Think Hillary in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Alexis in Schitt's Creek... especially her mannerisms. Doubles with Lulu.



JOEY: male, late teens-20s, tenor.

Eager, wholesome, people pleaser. Awkward and kind. Think Elder Price in The Book of Mormon.


EVIL CLOWN JOE: male, 30-50, baritone.

Debonair & sophisticated. At times charming then threatening, a master manipulator. Think Jeremy Irons/Scar in Lion King.


FRANKIE: male, any age, tenor.

Impulsive, moronic, mobster dialect. Think the bad guys in Home Alone. Talks like Joe Pesci's character but acts like Marv. circus=soy-kus, curtain=coy-tuhn


LULU: female, any age, mezzo.

Decisive leader to Frankie’s buffoon. Think Shenzi/Whoopi Goldberg in Lion King. Doubles with Daisy.

Production & Audition



ROAR is a new work in development. All individuals cast are asked to commit to participation in both the Mid-May Staged Reading and the Summer 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival.


Sunday, April 18, 1-5pm

Staged Reading Rehearsals:
Saturday, May 8, 2021, 11am-5pm
Monday, 10, 2021 – Thursday, May 13, 2021, 6pm-10pm

Staged Reading Performances:
Friday, May 14, 2021 - Actor Call: 5:30pm, Curtain: 7pm
Saturday, May 15, 2021 - Actor Call/Brush Up Rehearsal: 2pm, Curtain: 7pm

Fringe Festival Rehearsals and Filming:
Evenings and/or weekends in late May/early June. Schedule will be determined by cast availability.


Bodhi Theatre celebrates diversity and inclusion in across multiple dimensions.  We encourage invididuals of  any race, ethnicity and national origins, ability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, class and religion to audition for our productions.


The Black Box

1060 Union Ave

Kansas City, MO 64101

Initial Auditions:

Sunday, March 28, 1pm-4pm

Monday, March 29, 6pm-8pm

By Appointment Only


Tuesday, March 30, 6-8pm

Reserve an audition time Below



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